Black Mold and How to Fix

Uh oh, you guys. We finally found the source of the terrible smell in our laundry room: black mold!
We were finally doing demo of this room, and after taking out the granite counter/sink and the cabinets we found: BLACK MOLD! EW.
But actually I’m very happy because a.) now i know I’m not crazy and was RIGHT it smelled terrible in there. and b.) we can fix this and move on with a LOVELY laundry room!

So if you’re wondering what black mold looks like, it’s pretty clear, but this is it:

And it smells to me like mildew and cat urine mixed together (yuck). You can also be suspicious if you have it if you’ve been having allergy symptoms in your house or an area where you might suspect it to be, as it causes mainly sinus issues and allergic symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and coughing. All of which I had in there!

Now for what to do:
1. Stop what you’re doing when you find it, and head out and grab a ventilation mask that says it’s meant for mold. Since you’ll be disturbing the spores you want to protect yourself. It’s also recommended to wear long sleeves/pants when removing so as not to come in too much contact with this stuff. And then to throw that stuff away in a sealed bag, so use something you were going to take to Good Will, anyways!
2. Quarantine off the area. In our case we just put the door back on and shut it, but you might want to put up plastic to separate it from the rest of the room.
3. Whilst at the store (#1) grab a moldicide. We got this one. And then spray it all over the stuff and let dry overnight. Ours was near a door we could keep open to dry or point a fan at it over night.
4. Clean up! Bleach and water mixture (or i’ve read about some great solutions with tea tree oil), and scrub the mold off. In our case we cut out the drywall where this was and were disposing of all the other stuff, anyways. We did spray it with moldicide, though so as not to send this to someone else as a problem. Be sure to dispose of everything you used that came in contact with the mold, better to be safe than sorry with this stuff spreading.
5. Paint with an oil based primer – we chose KILZ Original. Let dry fully.
6. You’re ready to rock and move on with your project!

Have you encountered black mold? Any other good tips to share?