Gray or Greige? (Paint!)

The Quail House is currently 100% … let’s call it a light beige. My best guess is they never had painted it, just stuck with white, based on their decor sensibilities (ie none). And then when they went to sell, they were told to have the place painted, so went with all beige. In the entire thing!

So, we’re left with a pretty blank palette to spice things up.

We’re going for a more luxe look, or as we like to explain it, a place modern day, cool vampires would like to live. “Vampy” if you will. But not Dracula vamp. Confused?

Well then let’s start with the search for the perfect gray – leaning toward greige to be on the warmer side. After doing a ton of gray research, and there a ton of blog posts dedicated to this out there, I decided to test:

BM Revere Pewter, the internet sensation. – 6.
BM Affinity Thunder – 7.
SW Repose – 4.
SW Agreeable Gray – 5.
Behr Silver Drop (one of my old tried and true faves) – 1.
BM Silver Fox – 2.
Behr Toasty Grey – 3.

Here they are (not the crispest pic, but you can see the tone):


gray or greige paint

In this case, we are painting our dining and living room first so we wanted a more saturated color with a bit more drama than what we might choose for the rest of the house. So we went with Thunder. (7)

Here’s where the debacle comes in. We went to the Home Depot paint department, where we had gotten our test samples and simply color matched the above colors. Well, for our testers, we used Glidden as I had so many testers I asked for the cheapest. When i bought the real deal 2 gallons, I got mid range Behr. Took it home and it was a different color. Close, but so GREEN. (below above the tests) My husband said it was “institutional green.” Not good. I spent all night ready to go in for a fight with Home Depot to get my $60 back!


2016-02-14 09.55.54

But when I got back to Home Depot the next morning, they were so nice, returned it and made us a new batch. Stuck with Glidden to be sure we could get the color we fell in love with.

We LOVE how it turned out. Will probably use this color again in the house, either a bathroom or bedroom.

Thinking Agreeable Gray or Silver Drop for our “main/great” room and entry hallway and up the stairs… any votes!?

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Hi, I'm Kayla. In my spare time I travel the world, plan my next trip, and spends time with my husband and dog, Cash the Doodle.

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