The (Very Important) Home Office

Since we know we’re going to have a lot going on in terms of noise and moving around in the house while we get settled in pre-reno, I want to get my home office set-up asap. Work must go on!

Here is my inspo pic for layout:


But going for a saturated blue. Here is my inspo for that! (Em Henderson // House & Home, Feb ’14):

First up! The search for 2 bookshelves to go behind desk… definitely going with Ikea as I’m on a budget.

Already have the West Elm Parson’s Desk in white, a non designy ball chair from gaim that makes my back feel great even after a long day of sitting, and several rug choices. Mainly going for clean white on a deep blue.

Eventually we’ll have wood floor in here and debating on white wainscoting.

Paint options in a terrible messy pic… more to come!

2015-11-03 15.46.35

Author: realideal

Hi, I'm Kayla. In my spare time I travel the world, plan my next trip, and spends time with my husband and dog, Cash the Doodle.

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