Ikea Finds

After a very long trip to Ikea (as they always are, right?!), I came home with some items I’ve been searching for to move The Quail House along.

First, for my home office I decided to go for the super cheap Ikea Gersby. These little babies took about 2 hours to assemble and it wasn’t what I’d call fun. But they fit the budget! Office pics to come soon.


I ALSO picked up the Ikea Doksta table.


This will go in our kitchen table nook, where we plan to build a banquet (built in bench). It’s not quite the real thing, but loving it so far and is perfect for us!


The (Very Important) Home Office

Since we know we’re going to have a lot going on in terms of noise and moving around in the house while we get settled in pre-reno, I want to get my home office set-up asap. Work must go on!

Here is my inspo pic for layout:


But going for a saturated blue. Here is my inspo for that! (Em Henderson // House & Home, Feb ’14):

First up! The search for 2 bookshelves to go behind desk… definitely going with Ikea as I’m on a budget.

Already have the West Elm Parson’s Desk in white, a non designy ball chair from gaim that makes my back feel great even after a long day of sitting, and several rug choices. Mainly going for clean white on a deep blue.

Eventually we’ll have wood floor in here and debating on white wainscoting.

Paint options in a terrible messy pic… more to come!

2015-11-03 15.46.35

The Quail House

We have finally picked a house to make a home… we selected one that needs work and are pretty excited ┬áto start a home renovation project. We’re calling it “The Quail House” because there are literally Quail running around everywhere. They seem to really come alive in the evening, and we hope Cash the Labradoodle treats them kindly!

Here’s to a fun home renovation project to make this place ours!

As you can see, we have great views, but a lot of work to do inside and out… these are “before” pictures – prior to our move.